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Canya K9

Unlocking your dog's full potential utilizing clear communication, structure, and consistent training.

Danielle and her K9

Dog Training Requires Work & Dedication

We build personalized training plans best suited for you and your dog where you both learn how to be successful in any situation.

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Puppy Training

3 months - 1 year

New puppy? Train now and benefit later.

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Obedience Training

All Ages

Teach your dog the basic skills through positive reinforcement and consistency.

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Behavioral Training

All Ages

Learn how to redirect your dog and eliminate undesired behaviors.

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Building  Better  Behaviors

About Canya  K9

Danielle and her K9 brown ring

Building  Better  Behaviors

About Canya  K9

Owner and trainer of Canya K9, Danielle Kelly, has years of proven experience and a passion for building better dogs.

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Learning Center

How understanding classical and operant conditioning will upgrade your training: Part 1


I am going to briefly discuss the two modules that explain how your pup learns. The funny part is that…

It’s 2024.. Dog parks are OUT and proper socialization is in!


ABQ itself has over 2 dozen parks specifically designated to allowing your furry friends to romp and roam off leash…